The two brands that I’ve selected to compare for this assignment are Nordstrom and J.Crew. These two companies are both retailers that sell both men, women, and children’s clothes, shoes, and accessories among other things. Nordstrom is a department store while J.Crew just sells their own brand of items but they are both still retailers that offer clothing, shoes, and accessories to a fairly similar clientele. I feel like both companies utilize social media well but in different ways. They both have a few similarities but also some differences as well.


Both companies are very active on social media.  They also put a lot of value in responding to their customers and making sure that they have a great experience with each company.  It is refreshing to see that both of these companies care so much about their customer and want to ensure that the customer leaves feeling satisfied in every way.

Another similarity that these two companies have is the voice behind their brand.  Although the brand message and voice are not completely identical, they are fairly similar.  Both brands share promotional content but they also share behind the scenes and online love from their customers. This makes both brands more relatable and makes people more likely to want to follow along. I personally do not follow very many retailers on social media but J.Crew and Nordstrom are two brands I love to follow along with.


One difference that I have found is that J.Crew separates their Twitter profiles. They have one general Twitter, one specifically for help, and one for making hiring announcements.  I understand their reasoning for separating the accounts but I have not seen many other companies do this so I thought it was pretty interesting.

Strategic Goals

Although both brands have similarities, their strategic goals are surely different.  While it’s obvious that both brands want to increase their engagement (likes, comments, followers, etc.), they both have different end game goals in mind as well.

Just by looking at their social media accounts it’s hard to tell what each brand’s individual goals for social media are but after doing a little research, I was able to find out a little more about each companies’ social media strategies.

One of J.Crew’s goals for social media is to use digital marketing to drive sales to their website and retail stores and I am sure Nordstrom’s goal for their digital marketing is very similar to that as well. Nordstrom has been in the digital world for a lot longer than other companies so while other department stores are failing, Nordstrom is staying afloat.