Current State of Social Media in the Blogging Industry

Social media is so very prevalent in the online space, especially within the blogging industry. As bloggers, marketing ourselves via social media is one of the main ways we can attract a new audience so we are constantly looking for new ways to help us stand out in the busy online world. In this post, I am going to be sharing some key tools that help you stand out in the busy online space as a blogger.

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Within this industry, there are a ton of great tools to use to use to improve your standing in the social media environment.

A social media scheduler 

The first tool that every blogger should have in their arsenal is a social media scheduler. It would be really difficult to remain active on your social media channels while consistently posting at optimal posting times on each different platform so being able to schedule things out in advance helps you save lots of time and stress in the long run.

There are a ton of great schedulers out there (both free and paid) for a variety of different platforms so you just have to figure out which ones you like best. Some of the most popular schedulers include Buffer, Hootsuite, and Tailwind for Pinterest.


BuzzSumo helps you keep tabs on what is currently trending on the Internet so that you can tailor your content around that. If something is going viral on BuzzSumo, you could hop in and replicate that and potentially achieve your own success. Basically, it just keeps you on top of what’s trending so that you can further gauge what has the potential go viral.


Crowdbooster is a tool that helps you measure your and optimize your current social media marketing strategy. Being able to get access to these valuable reports can help you gauge your current performance and see where you need to make improvements to further your social media reach in the future. They are not currently accepting any new people into the platform but it’s definitely a beneficial tool to use if you are wanting to up-level your social strategy.


Although Canva is not truly a tool specifically for social media, it can be used heavily for social media to create both social media and blog graphics. Having killer content is obviously the most important but eye-catching graphics are important as well because those are what initially attracts someone to your content.





2 thoughts on “Current State of Social Media in the Blogging Industry

  1. First, I love the way your blog looks! It reminds me of my desk at home and it has a Kate Spade vibe to it, I love it! Now on to your post, I really like how you included those tools in your post. I have not heard of BuzzSumo but I plan on looking into it, it looks like it could be something I could use for the current company I work for. I also plan on checking out Crowdbooster for my job as well. As far as Canva, I am in love with it and use it all day every day! It is such a great FREE tool to know about! Great post and thanks for the info!


  2. Great blog post, It is very important as an online marketer to stand out in the online world which consists of different individuals and brands, not everybody that surfs the internet has the time to pay attention to each and every blogger or marketer on the internet, and so for this reason it is necessary to stand out of the crowd using the different tools you have listed in this blog post.
    Just like we utilize Hootsuite in our course, it is essential to have a scheduler just like you mentioned. Buzzsumo just like you stated, helps users develop a great content around current trends in the social media world while im not so familiar with crowdbooster ild love to see how effective it is in helping measure the effectiveness of a media strategy. Canva helps with graphics and attracting crowd to your page. Great post.


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