5 Best Social Media Tools


haute-chocolate-styled-stock-photography-pink-red-floral-mockup-flatlay-stock-6-final.jpgWith the rise of social media marketing, tools to monitor and schedule social media posts have popped up everywhere to make the lives of social media marketers much easier. Today I’ll be sharing a few of my favorites for managing social media and keeping track of your performance across the many platforms.


SmarterQueue is a tool for scheduling your social media content across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. SmarterQueue lets you build a complete library of posts that will automatically repopulate after they’ve been scheduled the first time so you never have to fill up your queue unless you’re adding in new posts. This makes being a social media marketer much easier because you can schedule out a ton of posts in advance without ever having to touch the platform again.

This makes being a social media marketer much easier because you can schedule out a ton of posts in advance without ever having to touch the platform again. SmarterQueue starts at $20 per month which is an absolute steal for all of the complex features it provides.


Boardbooster is a Pinterest scheduler that allows you to queue up pins so that they are posting during your most optimal times without you having to be physically present on the platform. It has looping features that allows your older content to get seen again on Pinterest so that you always have content circulating whether you are producing new posts or not.

Boardbooster also has in depth analytics so you can see your pins’ performance on group boards, your overall profile growth, and more. Boardbooster starts at just $5 per month so it’s the perfect tool to start off with on Pinterest.


Tailwind is another Pinterest scheduler but it contains different features than Boardbooster. Tailwind’s biggest strength is that they are an approved Pinterest partner meaning that Pinterest backs their scheduling service one hundred percent. It also has extremely in depth analytics so you can further analyze your performance on Pinterest.

Tailwind’s greatest feature has to be their recent introduction of Tailwind Tribes.  Tribes allows you to share content within the selected tribe so that people in your niche can schedule that content to pin to Pinterest and you have a much better chance at getting your content shared across the platform.


Planoly is an Instagram scheduler with both a mobile application and desktop version. Planoly lets you plan out your Instagram feed in advance so that you know what it is going to look like before the photos are even posted. It allows you to save hashtags on the platform as well so that when it’s time to post you don’t have to try to figure out all of the hashtags you are going to use because it’s already all there.


Keyhole is the only tool on this list that is not a social media scheduler, but it has a lot of really great benefits. Keyhole is a social media analytics tool that can track hashtags, keywords, specific accounts and more for both Twitter and Instagram. I find this tool extremely beneficial for when clients want to track engagement on a specific hashtag that they have created for an event.

These 5 tools can help bloggers maximize their time spent on social media by allowing them to engage with their followers in real time because their posts are automated.


One thought on “5 Best Social Media Tools

  1. Your blog about social media tools was a great read, and in particular, I enjoyed your section on Boardbooster. I have yet to use Pinterest other than for my personal life and haven’t even thought about using it for business. It is great that people are creating tools to use with Pinterest, as well. It is very cool that Boardbooster allows postings to be scheduled but also to have old boards posted again to be viewed twice Love that! I will most certainly go check out Boardbooster after reading your post!


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